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What Can You Expect From Your FPS Distributor?

The FPS provides members with a collective voice for the industry at national level, services to assist members in optimising their business efficiencies and promotes best practice in the industry.

As part of its promotion for best practise the FPS have introduced the “Customer Charter” a document detailing how fuel distributors should conduct themselves with their customers setting the standard for customer expectation in this industry.

The document covers such points as:

1) Fair treatment of customers

2) Receive information and advice regarding the products and services that you receive.

3) Be given a clear price and delivery time for any order you place. (You can request email or text confirmation of the price from most distributors.)

4) Be provided with the range of payment choices which the distributor offers. Typical options include:

a. Payment by credit/debit card

b. Monthly payment plan

5) Receive information regarding the available payment methods and any additional charges which may apply, for example for using a credit charge or for an emergency delivery. You should discuss with your distributor which payment method is used.

6) Whether you have an existing or new contract with a distributor, they should provide you with all the terms and conditions of that contract. This includes conditions relating to any cancellation of that contract.

7) Be given reasonable notice if agreed delivery schedules cannot be met.

8) Cancel any order within two working days of the agreed delivery date without charge.

Craggs Energy commit to abiding by this charter and since our launch in 2010 continue to deliver the highest levels of customer service possible.