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DON’T PANIC – Winter is not quite here!

This quickly resulted in the article being widely discussed and shared across many social media platforms and ultimately lead the MET Office to respond with their own statement.

The official MET Office release states that the Daily Express failed to explain to its readers that “there is absolutely no certainty about what weather the UK will see over the winter period. The science simply does not exist to make detailed, long-term forecasts for temperature and snowfall even for the end of November, let alone for the winter period”.

The statements made by the Daily Express have lead many of our customers to panic, thinking that the price of Heating Oil will suddenly sky rocket. The overall trend at the moment is that the price of Heating Oil is indeed rising but this is only marginally related to the weather at this moment in time. However, if you do have the tank capacity we recommend that you should purchase your Heating Oil as the price will rise over the coming months – a trend seen in the industry every year, not because of a sudden predicted blizzard.

At Craggs Energy we keep a close eye on the weather and employ our own dedicated weatherman who produces two forecasts a week for both our internal use and our customers. If you would like to receive a copy of this weather report please email your interest to or speak to your account manager.

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