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Domestic Tanks

At Craggs Energy, we can provide, replace and install a wide range of both plastic and metal bunded Heating Oil tanks to residential and commercial customers across the UK.

Supporting residential and commercial customers across the UK.

Heating Oil Tank Installation or Replacement.

Why do we replace tanks?

Almost all of the tanks we replace fit into one (or multiple) of the categories below:
  • Single Skinned Tanks
  • Rust and Corrosion (Metal Tanks)
  • Sun Bleaching (Plastic Tanks)
  • Inappropriate Location
  • Unstable Base
  • Damaged Site Gauges/Fittings
  • Persistent Smell of Fuel
  • Visible Cracks (Regardless of Size)

Does your tank suffer from any of the above? If so we can help you – read more below or get in contact with us and our expert team will be in touch.

Newly installed fuel tank from Craggs energy, in a domestic setting overlooking green fields with a bright blue sky

What is involved in replacing an Oil Tank?

If you have any of the problems above and need to replace your Heating Oil tank it can be difficult to understand the process around replacing your existing tank. Craggs Energy aims to make this service as simple and hassle free as possible.

Replacing a Heating Oil tank with Craggs Energy involves the removal of the existing tank with storage for any exhisting fuel. The Oil tank is removed and disposed of in accordance with any environmental regulations, then we prepare the foundations in line with OFTEC regulations. We begin installation of new tank by an OFTEC registered technician.

Once complete, we return the oil to the new tank in preparation to restart the boiler. Alternatively, we can offer a new delivery of oil if preferred as well as the removal and disposal of waste oil, sludge, water and old oil from the tank. This process usually only takes around half a day but there can be a number of varying factors.

Keep on top of your tank maintenance with Craggs.

Why should you carry out an annual tank check?

Changes in Temperature

During the months between Summer ending and Winter starting changes in temperature can greatly affect your Heating Oil tank. The rapid temperature changes cause the tank to shrink and swell which can stretch the tank and make the plastic membrane thinner. This increases the risk of the tank splitting when new loads of Heating Oil are pumped into the tank.

Changes in The Weather

Plastic tanks are susceptible to sun damage. The sun’s rays will heat the top of the tank and cause it to split. This becomes a major problem as the weather changes and rainwater starts to enter the tank and cause damage to the fuel. The other main cause of fuel contamination is water entering the fuel tank through the lid. Craggs Energy suggests you check the condition of your lid after every fuel delivery.


OFTEC Regulations

Over 400,000 tanks in the UK are still Single Skin. Single Skin means you have no protective bund inside your Heating Oil tank. Simply put, any external damage to the fuel tank will most likely result in a major spill. The effects of this could be astronomical as the fuel could contaminate your land and worse the foundations of your building. Not only can this be a huge financial burden, but can have huge environmental effects too.
If your Heating Oil tank is also out of OFTEC specification this can result in your insurance being voided.

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Craggs Energy is pleased to partner with Greenarc Tank Services in delivering the very highest quality Fuel Tank services, including installations, replacements, decommissioning and tank cleaning. Please complete the enquiry form and One of the Team from Greenarc Tank Services will be in touch shortly to help.

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