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Commercial Tanks

At Craggs Energy, we can provide, replace and install a wide range of both plastic and metal commercial fuel tanks and diesel dispensers across Lancashire and Yorkshire.

Supporting commercial and agricultural businesses with high-quality tank services.

Reliable fuel tank installation for your commercial, agricultural or construction site.

Get the right tank for your needs: shop our extensive range here.

Easy and affordable fuel tank replacement

At Craggs Energy, we offer convenient and cost-effective fuel tank replacement or installation services. Our team of experienced and certified engineers will also conduct a complimentary oil health check to ensure your tanks are correctly working. If any issues are identified during the assessment, our experts will provide expert advice and guidance to help you find the ideal solution. Trust us to take care of all your fuel tank needs.

Commercial Fuel Tanks being filled up with DERV white diesel by a Craggs Energy fuel tanker
craggs energy tanker delivering gas oil to a farm

Craggs Energy’s fuel tank cleaning services

Your solution to sludge, water, and dirt build-up in your tanks.

With our expert team, we ensure a thorough cleaning process that guarantees the removal of any unwanted substances from your tank. Instead of simply pumping out the contents, we take it a step further by completely emptying the tank and cleaning it inside out.

But that’s not all – we also go the extra mile to dispose of the waste in an environmentally friendly manner, doing our part to protect the planet.

Investing in regular fuel tank cleaning is more than just a maintenance task. It’s a proactive measure that can save you from potential system issues and extend the life of your tank.

Choose Craggs Energy for effective Fuel Tank Cleaning Services that keep your tanks clean, your fuel pure, and your peace of mind intact. Contact us today to book your cleaning appointment.

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Craggs Energy is pleased to partner with Greenarc Tank Services in delivering the very highest quality Fuel Tank services, including installations, replacements, decommissioning and tank cleaning. Please complete the enquiry form and One of the Team from Greenarc Tank Services will be in touch shortly to help.

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