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Renewable Diesel

HVO Fuel

Reduce your carbon emissions by up to 90% with Craggs Energy’s 100% renewable diesel alterative HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel from Craggs Energy’s depots in the heart of the UK and from several terminals across the country Craggs can supply HVO diesel nationwide.

Supporting our customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

Nationwide deliveries of HVO Fuel.

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is the cleanest alternative fuel on the market that has been supercharged with an enhanced organic additive. Reduce your carbon emissions by up to with our 100% renewable drop-in replacement for red and white diesel.

Accelerating transport to zero emissions.

We are actively fostering the adoption of low carbon automotive technologies, vehicles, and fuels through various strategic activities. Firstly, we have prioritised partnerships and investments in providing low carbon automotive solutions to our customer base. By collaborating with innovative companies and research institutions, we accelerate the development and commercialisation of sustainable technologies, Renewable diesels, and biofuels such as HVO.
A photo of a Craggs Energy tanker filling up a diesel tank on site at a fleet operators yard. Supporting your business

Drop in 100% renewable diesel

HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) is a paraffinic diesel fuel that is compatible with all diesel engines.

HVO is produced by the hydrotreatment of vegetable oils, grease waste, or residues from the food/agriculture industry and is made of 100% renewable raw materials. HVO Fuel does not contain FAME (Fatty acid methyl ester) and has a naturally high cetane number which results in easy ignition, and reduction in smoke and particulates emissions.

HVO is a 100% sustainable renewable paraffinic diesel substitute. It reduces harmful emissions of NOX and total particulate matter (TPM). Being an organic waste-derived fuel derived from organic waste, HVO reduces greenhouse gas emissions significantly and drops into your diesel engine with no modifications required.

Alternative fuel for your business.

Are you looking to make the switch to a cleaner, renewable, and alternative fuel for your business?

Make the switch to Craggs HVO Fuel today! Craggs Energy, works with one of the major importers of HVO in the UK to ensure you have a constant and reliable supply of this new and popular renewable fuel. From our hubs in the heart of the UK and our several terminals across the country, we are able to supply HVO Fuel nationwide.

A photo which shows a different angle of the Craggs Energy artic tanker at their Padiham depot in front of the renewable diesel fuel storage tank.
What are the benefits of HVO Fuel?

Reduces CO2

Renewable and

No Harmful Smoke
On Start Up

No Engine
Modification Required

HVO Fuel OEM Approvals

Heavy Duty Road Vehicles:

Passanger Cars:

None Road Vehicles:

What are the benefits of HVO Fuel?

HVO Fuel is the cleanest alternative diesel on the market which has been supercharged with an engine-enhancing additive.

No smoke from the exhaust on start up or change of load.

Offers improved safety, shelf life and storage compared to diesel.

Manufactured from sustainable, renewable feed stocks.

Drop-in replacement for diesel meaning no conversion costs.

It meets the EN15940 standards, ASTM D975, JIS No 2.

HVO is odourless, biodegradable and non toxic.

Has excellent cold weather performance down to -35 °C.

Has a high cetane number 70+ making it more efficient to burn.

HVO Fuel can be used in any diesel engine and fuel storage tank without any prior modifications needed.

Reduces particulates by up to…

0 %

Reduces NOx by up to…

0 %

Reduces CO2e by up to…

0 %

What are the benefits of HVO Fuel to your business?

Boosting Your Brand’s Image and Reputation

When you take steps to shrink your carbon footprint, you’re not just helping the planet; you’re also gaining an edge in a crowded market. Going green can work wonders for how your customers see you and can set you apart when you’re bidding for projects. Showing that you’re doing business in an eco-friendly way lets you add a green twist to your marketing and attract new customers who care about the environment.

Winning Green Points for Bids

Today, many big organisations and government bodies look for partners who care about the environment. They prefer companies that use sustainable practices. So, it’s important to show off your green efforts in every part of your supply chain. When you’re competing for projects, highlighting your eco-friendly side can really make you stand out.

Getting Ready for Future Rules

Going green now could save you a lot of money later, especially if government or industry-specific green regulations come into play.

Increased Finances and Investment Opportunities

Businesses that focus on being green can often get more financial help, like grants and loans, compared to regular businesses.

Happy Employees and Attracting New Talent

Going green isn’t just good for your customers; it’s good for your team too. Employees feel better working for a green company. When you involve your workers in green projects, it makes them happier. This also keeps more of your employees from leaving because they want to stay in a workplace that cares about them.

According to Totaljobs, more than a quarter of UK workers would think about taking a pay cut to work at a company that cares about the environment. For younger workers (Millennials), it’s even more—half of them would consider it. More than 7 out of 10 people in this age group check how environmentally friendly their possible employer is before deciding where to work.

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Speak our team.

Are you ready to make the switch to renewable diesel?

For all general enquires in regards to renewable fuels including a HVO prices please contact our team using the details below or complete the contact form and a member of the team will get back in touch with you.

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