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Where have you been?

I started off the afternoon with some training from Rusty and Michael who told me what happens with the fuel, how it gets loaded onto the tanker and what the dangers are – not just like delivering milk you know!

I was very privileged to be the first passenger of Rusty in his little tanker and he had even cleaned out the cab especially for my visit!

We drove all over to as far as Whalley making 3 drops before returning back to the depot. It was nice to also meet the customers face to face and get the positive feedback about our company and our customer service


I also noticed that the varying levels of tank access and safety are enormous – do you as the customer leave it safe for the driver to access your tank? Is your tank stored safely and locked away from any potential theives? Rusty had told me about a time when a dog greeted him at the customer’s house and Rusty was too scared to get out of the tanker to do the delivery – do you have a dog? Is it friendly to our drivers?

Great to see just how many people wave at Rusty when he is out on the road which was great fun! If you see any of our tankers out on the road do give them a wave!

So all in all a day in the life of a Craggs Energy Driver is great fun!