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Meet Trusty Rusty our Baby Tanker

The word Crag means “a steep rugged rock or cliff” to which we owe our name due to our Head Office being located in Cragg Vale, Calderdale. Since we started Craggs Energy 10 years ago we’ve always been passionate about being able to reach customers in the local area to us where the roads can be quite difficult to navigate – especially in winter! “Trusty Rusty” is one of the newest additions to our fleet and is approximately 6m long x 2.2m wide and 2.75m high, to put things into perspective the LandRover Discovery is around 2.22mm wide. This means that we have the capability to deliver upto 8,500 litres of fuel in one drop! This is perfect to reach some of our customers who live way out in the sticks up some very challenging rural roads which would be completely out of bounds for our standard fleet. And that’s why our loyal customers have been purchasing fuel with us for years! Here are some comments from our customers… “Craggs Energy have been delivering heating oil to us for many years. We live in a remote situation with difficult access. Craggs have reliably delivered fuel to us using one of their smaller tankers throughout the year. In my opinion, they run a very efficient service”. – David Clapham “Been using Craggs Energy since they started. Good service with drivers and vehicles used to delivering to awkward locations like ours.” – Mike “Very good service. Delivered slightly quicker than the 10 days. Also, no problem delivering despite difficult access.” – David

Voted for by the people!

In March 2020 we christened our Baby Tanker with the name “Trusty Rusty”! This was voted for by our community of customers and followers on social media after we published a post for name suggestions which was then followed by a poll to name our Baby Tanker. The #Nameourbabytanker campaign was really popular and saw a great deal of engagement. We received over 50 suggestions with the overwhelming majority suggesting something that incorporated the name “Rusty” due to one of our well-loved drivers who retired in 2019. Rusty who has worked for our family fuel businesses since the mid 1980’s (and while at Craggs Energy always drove the Baby Tanker) was a beloved member of our team and the wider Calderdale community! After reviewing all of the suggestions internally we drilled the list down to three potentials:
  • TankerMcTankFace
  • The Craglet
  • Trusty Rusty
These suggestions went to a public vote which saw over 180 votes with “Trusty Rusty” winning by a landslide with 108 votes! Our Baby Tanker is indeed trusty just like its name, however, it is not at all rusty! Its new driver, Kev Kiely tests its limits on a daily basis and mostly delivers those difficult to access homes, farms and businesses around the beautiful landscapes of rural Yorkshire.