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How can you protect your fuel in summer?

You may be using less Heating Oil during the warmer weather, however, it’s still important to look after your boiler and storage tank during summer! Take a look at our simple and cost-effective solutions to keep your heating system running smoothly:

Use Additives

Increase the efficiency of Heating Oil, protect your boiler or aga and prolong the lifetime of your tank with our premium additives:
  • KeroKlene for Boiler
  • RangeKlene for Aga
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Tank Sponge Eco

Condensation occurs naturally in your Heating Oil tank – particularly on warm days and cool nights. The Tank Sponge Eco soaks up to 700ml of water from your tank, leaving your fuel unaffected. Add to your basket before you checkout!

Check Your Tank

Clear away any leaves or debris from the tank area. Trim any plants or weeds and check your tank for any cracks or rust. By checking your tank and carrying out these simple steps, you can ensure that your tank remains in good condition!

Is it time for a summer top up?

Get a quick quote online or contact your local depot.