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Fuels Division of Craggs Energy Group Appoints New Managing Director

The Craggs Energy Group has recently appointed a new Managing Director, Matthew Crockett to advance the companies strategies and deliver their future growth. Matthew will lead the fuels division of the group of companies which include: Craggs Energy Ltd, Moorlands Fuels Ltd, Greenarc Energy Ltd and Greenarc Fuel Cards Ltd. Matthew has worked in the downstream fuel industry for three decades and has worked for several leading companies within the sector to reshape their sales strategy and increase their commercial offering. Commenting on his new role, Matthew said:
“I’ve been with the Craggs Energy Group of companies for nearly three years now and I’m delighted to be appointed as Managing Director at such an exciting and crucial time for our group and the industry. I have fantastic teams who share my passion for customer service and who, like me, embrace this ever-changing energy landscape. A big focus for our group and myself going forward will be the transition to low carbon and alternative ways in which we heat and generate power. We have worked very hard over the last twelve months to gain partnership agreements and distributor rights for (GreenD+) HVO Fuel across the UK. Working closely with a leading supplier of HVO Fuel, we have commissioned and invested in several operational infrastructures to be able to supply this alternative diesel fuel to businesses and other fuel suppliers across the country. I look forward to working with our long-established customers and building new relationships as we work to showcase our industry-leading position and demonstrate the wide range of products and services we have across The Craggs Energy Group.”
Richard Wallace, The Craggs Energy Group’s Managing Director comments:
“Matthew joined us in 2018 to support strategic growth and change management. Since then, we have expanded our operations, offerings, and coverage dramatically. Matthew has a strong history of transforming businesses in the downstream industry, with his years of experience and unique approach to sales and operations, I am excited and optimistic about the future growth for our group.”
Craggs Energy launched over ten years ago and primarily supplied fuel to local homes, farms and businesses. The Craggs Energy Group now serves tens of thousands of UK wide customers and operates a fleet of over forty vehicles. They employ over a hundred members of staff based around the county within their multiple different fuels, energy and infrastructure-focused companies.