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Domestic Heating Oil


What factors effect the price of domestic heating oil?

The biggest factor that effects the price of domestic heating oil is the price of brent crude oil. Crude oil is the rawest form before any of the distillation process takes place. For a while now it has been cheaper to buy fuel from other countries then distil it with in their own country. This has a lasting effect because it means that the market becomes saturated with fuel and this leads to a drop in the wholesale price.. This is great for the consumer as it means they will pay less for domestic heating oil. The market is now becoming more stable and the price has stopped falling. So now would be a great time for you to buy your domestic heating oil. You can check todays price by filling in our online form. Another big factor is service availability.

What factors effect the service availability of domestic heating oil?

The weather is one major factor that effects service availability during really cold winters the snow and the ice can make deliveries on tankers virtually impossible. Craggs Energy has two specialist land rover delivery vehicles that can deliver in all weather conditions. Craggs energy also has snowploughs and gritters so in 9/10 situations Craggs can get tankers to you when you most need it. Another major factor is geopolitics. Current affairs have major impact on the price of fuel any major events can and will effect the price. Usually resulting a price spike.

Why buy your domestic heating oil from Craggs?

Craggs Energy has four depots around the North West. Our Head office is situated in Cragg Vale, Hebden Bridge. We are the only fuel company in our area who can provide you with an instant online price. Just fill in our quote form to receive a transparent, competitive, live price. You can then select a delivery window if you can wait longer for your fuel we can usually provide you with a better price.


If you need domestic heating oil just fill in our quote form online. You will receive an instant price with a variety of delivery options. If you prefer you can call us on 01422 882500. If you require domestic heating oil outside of our delivery area visit


Domestic Heating Oil