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Craggs energy embrace EV and green future with HVO fuel

Craggs Energy embraces the EV revolution

Craggs Energy has agreed a three-year collaboration with Keyfleet’s award-winning car company programme and plan to transition their essential car fleet to fully electric by 2024. Craggs Energy’s Chairman Chris Bingham said:
“The EV revolution is upon us. We have been working on new products and solutions for our clients, and we are end users ourselves. So, partnering with Key Fleet is a significant milestone in our journey to a net zero future. We were looking for a provider to help us understand where we are today and pinpoint our destination. But we also needed a partner to roll that out with the drivers and decisionmakers. So far, it has been great, and we have placed more than 15-20 vehicle orders with them in 2022. Plus, we are looking forward to converting the rest of our essential car fleet to fully electric by 2024. Shortly after, we will transition our vans and many of our staff cars using KeyFleet’s SalEx (salary sacrifice) programme.”
In recognition of this, Sales Director for Keyfleet Dave Turner says:
“While the Craggs Energy Group were naturally motivated to make this move, we believe this is a challenge for all SME’s as we move towards 2030 and beyond. Through our partner programme, we can build a structured approach to the EV transition with expert advice for stakeholders and drivers. Simply Providing a choice list featuring electric vehicles just is not enough. Drivers have questions and challenges, and it is our role to help them navigate the move to electrification. In Craggs, we have another fantastic partner client. Friendly people who are great to do business with and appreciate our service and approach. We know we can add value and make a significant impact to help them towards their goals.”