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Product Range: Enviroblu Tanks

1360 Litres Brimful 1300 Litres Nominal
1280mm Length 1280mm Width 1940mm Height
1280 x 1280mm Footprint


The Envirostore 1360 EVADBLU is a vertical storage tank designed for the small AdBlue user. The tank comes in an attractive and distinctive blue colour, which clearly distinguishes the AdBlue tank from the fuelling tanks. The inner storage tank has the translucent inner tank finish that has become the popular standard with the Envirostore range.

AdBlue tanks come with:

  • Pump unit
  • Flow meter
  • 6 metre hose
  • Auto nozzle
  • Todo Dry Break Fitting

The tank can be further customised* with:

  • Apollo Visual Gauge with Bund Alarm*
  • Hydrostatic Gauge
  • Overfill Protection Device
  • These add-ons needs to specified prior to placing the order and are available at an additional cost.

Additional information

Dimensions 1280 × 1280 × 1940 cm