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Craggs energy team photo celebrating EOA day 2023.

We are celebrating EO Day 2023

Craggs Energy is helping to celebrate #TheEOeffect for UK Employee Ownership Day – 23rd June 2023. A day to celebrate and recognise the benefits of employees having a stake in their company either through direct ownership or an employee trust.

We are proud to have become a 100% Employee-Owned business in 2022 and we have found the benefits to be endless. We feel it’s essential to nurture a positive working environment and this sets us apart from other businesses. For us, becoming employee-owned has led to increased productivity and hugely improved the engagement and morale of our staff.

Employees are the most crucial factor to the success of any business and research has shown that a happy and fulfilled workforce can create the following benefits:

• Higher levels of customer service
• Increased innovation and creativity
• Better quality of work
• Lower staff turnover
• Higher productivity

Employee-Ownership has become an important part of our culture so to celebrate the day we have decorated the office and enjoyed lots of cakes, cookies, and snacks. The celebrations don’t stop there as we are hosting a curry night at a local award-winning restaurant – The Pink Pepper. This is another way for us to say thank you and to bring the team together for a fun evening outside the office. It’s important for us to show our employees how much we appreciate them and the work they do.